Our Journey…

Our Journey…

Since 1979, Assurance Home has been helping make a difference in the lives of adolescent children who need caring support and a safe place to live.

In the beginning, the primary purpose of Assurance Home was to provide a loving and stable home environment to adolescent boys and girls who exhibited difficulties living in family situations, due to abuse, neglect and other traumatic events that damaged their abilities to trust and develop attachments.

Today, we continue to serve teenage children who have experienced childhood trauma and/or difficult living situations.  We know now that these children can overcome their difficulties, learn how to create meaningful relationships with others and eventually, with help, transition into family environments with success.

Our 40+ year history has been witness to many challenges and successes.  We had an article written about us in Western Horseman; we were the subject of a segment of CBS News, “Eye On America”; we were involved in an ABC News Documentary; and we were a program featured in the Emmy-award winning documentary called “Untamed Legacy, America’s Wild Mustang”.  Our Home has been visited by Chief Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and astronaut, Harrison Schmitt.

We believe that our greatest accomplishments are reflected in the lives of our children who have blessed our Home with their energy, their spirit and their unique gifts.  They share an important part of their lives with us.

The special combination of guidance, love and therapy offered to the young people of Assurance Home has helped to create a well-respected and successful program.

We are a private, non-profit, 501 ( c ) 3 corporation governed by a local board of directors.


Without Assurance Home, many children would be lost forever…and we live in a time of too many lost children.

Ali McGraw, Actress