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There is an often-overlooked world of children who have been so hurt and abused that they can’t live successfully in family settings. They may experience multiple placements in foster homes when what they need most is stability in their lives – a place where they belong.

Assurance Home is that place. We exist to give these kids consistency and loving guidance, so they can improve their chances of growing into happy and productive adults.

We are located in Roswell, a beautiful town of about 50,000 residents at the foothills of El Capitan Mountain in Southeastern New Mexico. Our 16-acre property includes the main house, the James Ranch Youth Shelter, several apartments for our In-Reach Program, a large yard, basketball court, greenhouse, shop and ropes course, as well as horse stables, riding area and pasture.

Most programs like ours that are well-established and successful were created by and have the support of large endowment funds. Assurance Home has never had an endowment to support its operation, but that is changing.

The Assurance Home Foundation has been established to help us ensure that we will be here to support many future generations of children who need us. It is a private, nonprofit corporation with a separate Board of Directors. Its goal is to support the operational needs of Assurance Home so that, eventually, the Home will become self-sufficient and not depend on outside funding for existence.

The Foundation also aims to provide scholarships to every child who successfully completes the Assurance Home program and wants to further his or her education or vocational training.